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14 Decor Ideas and Tips for a Successful Anniversary Party
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1. Pick the color scheme for the appropriate anniversary year celebration. 
2. Find ribbon, frames, greenery and other decor items that highlight the Anniversary colors. 
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3. One fun way to highlight one of the themed colors of the event is to have the color be reflected in some way in the chosen drink.  For green, choose a drink that works well with an herb like basil or with a small slice of cucumber. 
4. Use the surrounding environment to help set the tone.  Contrast light colored decor against foliage and use flowers to give color to corners and patios. 
5. Add greenery and flowers to archways.  Making an archway with plumbing pipe over a gated entrance can be a beautiful way to welcome guests.
6. If the event is outdoors and in the evening, the use of a fire pit can add a cozy sitting area for party-goers to converse.
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Lantern Brown.jpg
7. Light the Way!
Create the perfect ambience by adding lanterns, candles and string lights in a dim to dark setting. 
Welcome Sign.jpg
Signing Table Decor.jpg
Signing Table.jpg
8. Two important types of tables are the cake/food table(s) and the welcome/sign-in table.  
9. Have the guests sign to a wedding or anniversary book as they enter the venue.
10.  The welcome table is a great place for decor that emphasizes the happy couple and the colors of the evening.
Table Sign.jpg
11. For a fun gift to give to the guests of honor after the party, have a 'thought tree' or another way for guests to hang or leave a special message for the happy couple.
12. Remember to leave a sign for the guests to guide them through the process of signing the book and for any other instructions.
13. Glass serving items tend to be more elegant.  Borrowing these from family and friends saves time, money and storage.
14. Find the utensils, plates, napkins, cups and other necessary food items early to help save money.  Online party products can can cost less than finding the same items last minute at party stores. 
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