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Homemade Reeses

Servings:  20-24

Total Time: 20 minutes

Homemade Reeses

While living outside of the country, these bars from Allrecipes provided a much needed reminder of home.  We recommend using semisweet chocolate chips, as we find milk chocolate chips don't provide enough of a chocolate contrast in this dish. 

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2 cups graham cracker crumbs

2 cups powdered sugar

1 cup peanut butter

1 1/2 chips semisweet chocolate chips

4 T. peanut butter


Mix graham cracker crumbs, powdered sugar, and peanut butter until well mixed.  Press into the bottom of a 13 X 9 inch pan.  

Melt chocolate chips and peanut butter until smooth.  Pour over peanut butter mixture and spread over the top.  Refrigerate until set and cut into squares.    

Add a side that compliments your menu:

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