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Seasoned Shrimp



These delicious shrimp come together in minutes, but are really impressive.  The seasoning on the shrimp sets them apart from typical shrimp recipes.  

Servings: 8

Total Time: 20 minutes

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2 T. olive oil


2 T. melted butter


2 t. dried onion


2 t. worcestershire sauce


2 t. lemon juice


2 t. old bay seasoning


2 clove garlic, minced




1 bag of frozen cooked shrimp, thawed (uncooked shrimp may be used as well, adjust cooking time).  


Place all of the spices in a large plastic bag or bowl and mix.  Add shrimp.  Refrigerate for 15 minutes or longer.  


When ready to serve, heat a saucepan over medium heat with some olive oil.  Add marinated shrimp and cook for 2 minutes on each side.  Serve immediately.


*This recipe is adapted from  




Add a side that compliments your menu:

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