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Vegetable Chips

While a popular potato chip company coined the phrase, "betcha can't eat just one," it could equally apply to these colorful veggie chips.  They taste as good as they look. Knowing they are made of vegetables makes them irresistible.

Servings:  8

Total Time: 60 minutes

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1 potato, peeled

1 sweet potato, peeled

1 parsnip, peeled

2-3 beets, peeled

sea salt

vegetable or canola oil for frying


Thinly slice vegetables with a food processor or mandolin.  

Soak vegetables in a bowl filled with cold water and 1/2 t. salt for about 30 minutes.  (Note:  soak beets in a separate bowl from the other vegetables).  Drain vegetables and pat dry with paper towels.  

Heat oil to 375 degrees F.  in a fryer.  Fry vegetables until they are crisp and golden, frying in small batches. Fry beets last.  

Place fried vegetables on a plate lined with paper towels and sprinkle with sea salt.  

Add a side that compliments your menu:

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