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Find new Wedding Shower recipes and fun decor here...

Wedding Shower Theme Ideas

Crepes, Wedding Shower, Silver Plates
Crepe Bar, Elegant Brunch, Wedding Shower
Wedding Decor, Wedding Brunch, Silver and White Table Setting

A brilliant way...

to start a   beautiful life.

Wedding                    Shower




Our fav products to make your Wedding Shower 

celebration easier...

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Heavy Duty


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Crepe Maker.jpg

Crepe Maker & Grill

Chocolate Fondue Fountain.jpg

Chocolate Fondue Fountain

The makings of a good crepe:

Cream Cheese Mousse, Crepe Topping

Cream Cheese Mousse

Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer, Lemonade, Spritzer, Strawberry Lemonade, Party Drink

Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer

Banner & Garland.jpg

Wedding Shower

Theme Decor


Love is beauty in its best form.  Create the form and design that spells a celebration of future love.  Banners, garland, and wire table place markers add a little love to any shower.

Here are a few of our favorite Wedding Shower decor ideas...

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